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This article introduces Medicontur’s latest innovation, the ELON IOL, as a new option within the non-diffractive EDoF IOL category.

Wavefront Linking

Central concentric refractive zones varying in curvature linked by specially designed linking zones.

Hydrophobic Material

SEMTE hydrophobic copolymer material, ensuring high uveal biocompatibility and low levels of glistening.

Bi-Flex Platform

The ELON lens is equipped with the proprietary Bi-Flex design for long-term stability and centration.

Fully Preloaded System

Available in preloaded version through the POB-MA fully preloaded unique injection system.

Wavefront Linking Technology

To achieve the goal of creating a true EDoF IOL with minimal optical disturbances, Medicontur developed Wavefront Linking. This proprietary non-diffractive technology is based on a series of central concentric refractive zones varying in curvature linked by specially designed linking zones.

Wavefront Linking causes light energy to be distributed continuously along the optical axis. The focal points are connected, resulting in a singular elongated focus that is useful across the entire range of vision.




A datasheet containing all technical parameters of the ELON EDOF IOL.

Loading Video

A short video on how to insert the  IOL into the POB-MA injector.


A brochure containing more detailed information regarding the ELON lens.


Medicontur has the ambition to be recognized globally as a premium and patient-focused IOL company, consisting of a strong network of professional partners and friends.

Medicontur would like to develop and manufacture with the highest standards, innovative products and services for a well-trained and satisfied pool of doctors to enable the best possible vision for patients worldwide.

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